Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Accused: not real enough

I am currently caught up in a frenzy of legal jargons like prosecution, defence, deposition, subpoenas, sentence, out of court settlements, guilty or not guilty. All these owing to back to back episodes of 6 seasons of 'Suits' and John Grisham's 'The Rainmaker'.

Started to wonder how many times we get accused in life by friends, best friends,  lover, family, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers of things that we do, we don't and what they think we are. We are often handed out a sentence without the opportunity to build our case and fight it. Getting cold shouldered is an example of this. Judged by people and tried and punished, sometimes all happens so fast and we get served, out of nowhere.

Got served recently by someone extremely close. Accused of being not real enough. It is not the same as being 'unreal' which would mean unbelievable or out of the world! Not real enough would probably mean not genuine enough or not worth anything to be done for you. You are real but sorry not real enough in my life. It is all the same like being accused of a crime, going through a trial unaware and then jolted back to reality when the verdict is out for you. And it is final. Accused of being not real enough. I can't fight my case, and I can't plead not guilty as it is not going to affect the judgement.

So I am going back to the pages of Rainmaker because it is more fair than life. The accused gets time to build a case and  prepare. Plead not guilty. The accused there gets a fair trial.

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