Saturday, 18 February 2017


It is an emotion, being in quicksand. Slowly and surely, you feel being pulled into it.

Scientifically, quicksand is sand that has absorbed too much water and becomes extremely light. You step on it and it gives way. You will not drown to death; you will only feel like you will. Because the ground below is not infinite and it has a base. If you just remain calm and slowly find your way out of it, you will live.

I guess it is not easy to be calm at that time. Maybe the brain stops working and the logic does not seem logical. Only the ones who have felt it can explain though it is inexplicable. This feeling of drowning into nothingness.

Quicksand is not always a negative state to be in, contrary to what Google says when you search for it. So this might be a different take on the concept. This is the fun about abstract topics; there are always more perspectives than what meets the eye.

You might be drunk on ambition and greed; it pulls you in. it is difficult to stop the craziness, and it is quicksand. It requires the strength and will power to come out of this mad cycle.

You might be in love. You might be losing something or someone. You are experiencing it and not able to take the path which is logical and practical for you. The constant war, the constant debate in your head. Sometimes the pull and the tide are way too strong: quicksand.

I think courage is the key here. Courage does not always mean being not afraid. Or to find the way, to swim to the shore, to fight for what you want. Sometimes courage is also to find the will to stay right at the spot you are, just holding on. You don’t have to wait for help, you just have to hold on. It does not mean you are depending on anything or anyone else to come and find you. It is just enough to just hold on. It is okay.

Quicksand is not a bad place to be. If you happen to be in one, give it a chance. Give yourself the chance to experience it. It might change the whole perspective of life that you had.