Thursday, 27 July 2017

*T&C do not apply

The process of giving and receiving is ancient and exists so intensely in our species. It is dynamic and continuous, each one of us goes through it probably more than ten times in a day. In the corporate world we say, “I scratch your back and you scratch mine”. We give something and we want something in return. We do something for someone and we expect that person to do something similar for us. We are only human, after all. (Courtesy Sierra Noble - Human After All Feat. Michael Logen)

It lies in our core, maybe. As humans, we tend to get attached and expect. To be a giver and not wanting to receive is tough and impractical. You act out of pure love and harboring expectations that person would do something similar is not unreasonable. You receive it, you are happy. You do not receive, it hurts you. Would not it be much easier with no terms & conditions being implied when you are a giver? They say the world is round. So if you keep on giving love, help, blessings, prayers, support, appreciation out to the world, one day it is going to come back to you.

Let us not talk about love here, is it not already complicated enough.

Let us talk about selfless kindness. Or compassion towards our colleagues at work.  Supporting each other without corporate politics involved, without forming lobbies, fulfilling ambitions through sheer honesty and hard (or smart) work.

Let us talk about helping people generally, strangers or acquaintances. No kind deed should be looked upon a favor to be returned at an appropriate time and place. Giving without keeping any hope of receiving is not easy. I try every day and fail maybe 95% of the time. It does not make me selfish, does it? But I do have to make a conscious decision to shake off any anticipation to receive.

Image result for dogs unconditional loveAt work, I used to often cross paths with an ex colleague. I must have smiled at him every time for almost a month and he never acknowledged or returned it. Then soon I stopped too. At first, deliberately and then it came naturally to me. To look at his eyes and turn my face away, without spending a free smile. Today, I look back and do not see his cold face and I only remember my immaturity. Imagine getting worked up so much for a smile.

Selfless people are great, they have crossed over to the other side. They have understood the meaning of loving without expecting, they sleep better at night and are at peace. Anyone who has a pet dog can understand what I am talking about here. A dog’s affection for his/her master is pure, unrefined and innocent. Can all of us be less like humans and more like dogs?

What a world would this be if every time we give out something, terms & conditions do not apply?

Small acts, small steps. 

To just give without intentions, to just give without limitations.


  1. Good work madam!

  2. yeah, it is extremely tough to give without expectations. But again, we are not saints, are we!
    As they say, "kill them with kindness!" The worst you can do to a horrible person is being nice to them :)