Saturday, 21 January 2017

The pain of Optimism

Be positive.

Hold on. If you truly want it, nothing is impossible.

Believe in it and it will happen.

Law of attraction works.

When you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Great thinkers, philosophers and speakers have always focused upon the power of positivity and optimism. Their writings and quotes have inspired millions to get back on their feet and achieve quite difficult dreams and goals. Self help books sales are getting higher each year. Today's world is tough to live in with tougher challenges and tougher aspirations. In such times, staying optimistic is the mantra and is contagious. The more optimistic people are, the better.

I am a firm believer in positivity and am of the notion that everything can be possible if only we can strive towards it. Be it a new challenging work profile or catching an office cab in 4 minutes flat, it can be done if only I try and give it my best. Optimism is like an omnipresent initial feeling about almost everything.

Lately I have been wondering, like everything else , does optimism also has two faces to it in terms of consequences?

You are positive about a dream that you have. A dream that seems impossible to be true. You work towards it and give it your one hundred percent to make it happen. You pray, send out that message to the universe (request it to conspire) and you tirelessly believe in it. But it is a known fact and you know it, it is not going to happen. NO matter how hard you try or how badly you want it, it is just not going to be a reality. 

This is the arrival point of the pain of optimism, and it arrives in full pomp and style.

Being positive pushes you to keep believing in your dream, logic and experience pushes you to give it up. It is a fight between the right and left side of the brain, it is a war between the heart and the mind. But damn, it must be frustrating.

If your core is optimistic and you have never-give-up attitude, you are in for a disaster in such situations. You will be torn. What do you do then? Give up your core and accept defeat in the face of the ruthless realities of life. Or foolishly keep working and hoping and praying that one day, your dream will come true. 

How does one deal with such situations or does one have to deal at all or let life take its course? Let time tell. Just let it be until that precious dream stumble upon realization that it is supposed to remain and disappear in the same form. Allow it to self-subtract and self-destruct.


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  1. Hhhmm...this is an interesting take on optimism. Optimism comes with it's own set of T&Cs I guess. For instance, someone is in love with a celebrity and desperately prays that the celebrity falls in love in him/her too. No matter how he/she tries, it's not going to happen. So while being optimistic, one needs to be practical as well and not delusional!! And when we don't get what we aspire for, then may be something even better is getting ready for us!! God is the best planner :)