Monday, 20 June 2016

Breakfast Extravaganza

A friend of mine once quoted "Lunch and dinner is overrated. Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day". A good breakfast advice is rooted in serious scientific studies too.

Having a grand breakfast means getting up early in the morning, you surely cannot have it post 12 o'clock. It will be called a brunch then or rather, early lunch. So being a late riser, I definitely missed out on those "breakfast in style" for a long time. But better late than never!

There are plenty of places where one can enjoy a beautiful breakfast, relax and have a good time. Thanks to ever increasing fad of "themed restaurants", Bangalore boasts of a huge list of such places. Outdoor sittings, artistically themed, European decor, open terrace sittings,cosy places, book cafes etc are just a few to name.

I have recently been to a few. Did not take many, but think images below can somehow provide a glimpse of what I relished!

Cafe Max: Located in Indiranagar, it has open spaces and it is airy with sunlight coming in through the open windows. They have  pastry counter and the sitting is casual. Good food and nice ambiance. I had apple pie and farmer's breakfast with coffee. Yum!!

Ant's cafe: I had a pleasant surprise after reaching this place that Ant stands for Action Northeast Trust and is a part of  voluntary organisation that works on the development issues in Northeast India. Greeted by a map of NE India with all the ethnic tribes mentioned on it, you enter into a store showcasing and selling all the traditional stuff of Northeast. The cafe is in the first floor, the steps leading to it has interesting facts about ants. Beautiful setting with greenery all around, there are no windows and I would love to sit there when it rains. They keep books for reading and they serve breakfast the whole day. English breakfast or Belgian breakfast with pancakes are a must try!

154 Breakfast Club: A small cosy place in  residential area in Koramangala. They have an open kitchen and homely sitting. Services are prompt though weekends are busy. Had the "Big Breakfast". Good food and awesome omelettes!

Smoke House Deli: Quite the posh place it is. European styles, clean, pristine ambience with amazing music. Mostly European crowd, they have an outdoor sitting too. White color seemed to be the theme of the place. They say that all their dishes are gluten and trans fat free, so be ready for a guilt free trip to good food. Awesome service.

MTR: Madras Tiffin Room, the one in Indiranagar is almost always crowded and they have space outside to wait in line. You can buy coffee/tea while waiting! Masala dosas are the best here. Filter coffee is a must-try.

It is not only about the food, it is about the whole experience. Fresh air and energetic people around makes this time of the day really good. What more do you need to do on an weekend, it is all about relaxing right. So call up friends to plan a grand breakfast or grab a book one fine Saturday morning and off you go! Happy Weekend Breakfasting ..

Courtesy: Zomato
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  2. Hhhmm...looks and sounds yumm. Makes me wanna get up early in the morning :)