Friday, 19 June 2015


I guess it was meant to be.

After almost 2 months of house searching from Delhi in Bangalore, I had almost decided to take a PG and then think on the future course of action. Especially when an almost final deal failed at the last moment. A dear friend had advised to search groups in Facebook where good deals are found without the interference of brokers. And then I found it.

A college senior-colleague-brother-friend checked it out, sent me photographs of the place, building, area, route till main road. And I told myself, “let’s take it and see what happens. At least I will have a roof over my head”. Moreover, they had 2 dogs, it cannot be so bad.

And I arrived in Bangalore. Stayed a week in a company provided hotel accommodation and one fine Saturday morning, I reached my new place. And I fell in love.

I have my small, cute 1BHK in the second floor in the terrace. The area is still getting populated & luckily, my building is empty on three sides. Green, peaceful and cosy, all wrapped into one. What more I can wish for?

My favourite time of the day is when after dinner, I sit in my balcony, feet up in the railing in style, some soulful music through headphones and I let myself relax. The wind is usually perfect, blowing my hair and I feel drenched in its touch. Just a perfect ending to somewhat imperfect days.

I am also given access to one more terrace above mine through an iron ladder. It is more beautiful out there. I can see the Nice Road (highway route to Mysore) and the headlights of the cars streaming by and even the buildings beyond it. Sometime, I should try to locate the Bannerghatta National park also, which is not very far away. From no-sky view (Delhi DDA flat) to whole-sky view is a tremendous upgradation for me. I can see the whole uninterrupted arc from the coconut lined horizon on my right to the coconut (& a few buildings) lined horizon to my left. And the moon is always right there above me, and even a floor closer. I can get drenched in moonlight and star light every night. The view of “Great Bear Constellation” is a daily trip to childhood.

The best is of course, when it rains. The proud wind bringing in the pitter-patter rain drives Amu & Chinnu (my two constant companions) to the shade. Then it pours and I am driven to the shade too! But it feels beautiful while my soul gets drenched in the rain.

My home keeps me happy. The separation from the mad crowd is just enough to keep me sane. I am grateful and waiting for the time when I bring my family to share this with me. It will be sure a great experience for them too. Deta (my father) never liked it in Delhi. I hope I can compensate his bad experience there with my “drenched” place here.


  1. I am jealous all over again. Hoping to get drenched with you soon!

  2. your place sounds lovely....enjoy your slice of heaven! :)