Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Life in Delhi..City buses and CS!

Short by stature and passive by nature, i am not the ideal candidate to lead a very satisfactory life in Delhi with my kind of job. I do not push, I get pushed. I do not shove, I get shoved. Overall every day is an ordeal for me to travel by public transportation. When I have to sit in my office for work for an entire day, my body breathes and then wonders..why so quiet??!
City buses are a big no no for me. Especially after the bus gangrape case of Delhi, I make it a point not to travel by those. Sometimes I am forced to take a city bus while travelling to Uttar Pradesh for my exams. Gents sit on the seats reserved for ladies. On expressing my concern meekly, a fellow exam mate girl answered "yeh ulta Pradesh hai..gents bathte hai ladies seats mein..". We had a good laugh and getting each other's support, we both gave an earful to the nearby seated gents.

One hell of a battlefield is Central Secretariat (CS) and Rajiv Chowk metro station!  Stylish girls with high heels suddenly turns into some hungry crazy zombies rushing & pushing running for a seat. The most dangerous of all are those aunties who get prepared with some light exercise the moment the incoming metro light falls on the walls. You can actually see the determination in their jaw line, bags tightly clutched in hands all ready for the big war. They will push you so hard into the train as if saying "aaj baithenge ya marenge"! And if you dare to challenge them (highly not advised) they will give you such a dialogue that you will be ashamed to have disturbed them in their pursuit of a seat. Ashamed you will find a corner and perhaps sit down on the floor of the train.

After a long day's work and skipping 1-2 trains to get a seat decently at CS, the moment I reach Lajpat Nagar, I quietly stop reading or using my mobile, close my eyes and pretend to sleep. Because it is this station where old aunties who can hardly walk,  comes back from the market after an eventful day spent in shopping. Big bags, chana or tikki in hand, they come and stand near you giving those looks "sharam nahin aati beta..main khadi hu..uth jao..koi sanskaar nahin hai kya..". But seriously, I think I deserve my seat more than you. Of course, i have given up lots of seats to deserving people and I will continue to do so. But, sorry, not to aunties who cant stand but can spend the day in market shopping.


  1. Hahaha... Nowadays i sit shamelessly on the train floor when i m too tired to stand, despite the repeated announcements asking not to do so. But at times it is so crowded that getting a place to stand is fortunate.

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  3. So much of time go waste just to go to office and back home....I already hate Guwahati :-p

    1. Dada, commuting in Delhi makes me miss Guwahati :)